Intensive Therapy & Yoga Retreat

Heal & Transform Retreat - Organised by Sharon Mills & Jessica Janusz.

DATE: 14th - 21st June 2020

RETREAT DETAILS: 7 nights at the retreat center with 2 professional therapists and 1 professional yoga teacher. 5 days of intensive therapy and yoga, 2 free days and 1 afternoon for yoga or another activity (to be confirmed). Full board with vegetarian meals and gluten/dairy free. Use of the total grounds, the group room and much more — total support going through the process.

THEME: Reconnecting to yourself and healing past difficulties which are hard to let go of. Finding the best version of yourself and being free.

OBJECTIVES: To achieve your goals and not let the past hold you back.

LOCATION: Villa Amatista, Camino las Huertitas 11, La Vegueta-Tinajo, Lanzarote

With qualities of joy, happiness and inner peace, being free from past and living in the now, regaining control and not being blocked. This retreat is organised for up to 10 people, with sometimes small groups of up to 5 people and with lots of focus on healing, growth and individual therapy sessions, throughout the week. Set on a mountain top in central Lanzarote, in total tranquillity and peace. We are the only people there, there is a swimming pool and plenty of space to be and digest the therapy. All year round sun and generally between 22–30 degrees depending on when you go.

Combine your intensive therapy and yoga retreat with a relaxing sunny holiday in Lanzarote — sun all year round. Therapeutic personal retreats are some of the most innovative and effective healthcare treatments currently available. Producing long term changes and effects. The model comes from theory and research that suggests that intense therapy over a short period of time can produce deep, long lasting results.

QUALITIES OF THE RETREAT: Be in an atmosphere of change, relaxation and total support, helping you to reach your goals quickly and effectively. We will help you understand underlying issues, how the mind works and how our past can sometimes cause us pain and `stuckness`. We will help you develop tools to regulate distress, reconnect to yourself more fully so that you can better choices and have more fun and fulfilment throughout life. We will help you focus on your unique goals, work through your blocks and challenges, making change happen as comfortably and smoothly as possible.

These retreats are designed for people who have many different problems: Anxiety problems, depression, relationship issues, stress & burnout, reconnecting to the self, confidence and self-esteem problems, starting over after a relationship ends, finding your way in life/reaching your goals, living with pain and disabilities or a new diagnosis, past traumas, childhood abuse, and much more.

Retreats will be designed to specifically focus on certain topics, so that everyone there have similar issues. Sometimes it could be to heal from trauma, from past relationships, or childhood abuse to mention just a couple. They can help you to heal after burnout, or breakdowns, or to help you rebuild your life for example.

There will be a mix of individual and group psychotherapy sessions with yoga and meditation — the choices are yours what you participate in. Then take time out in between to digest, process, relax and enjoy the sun. This mix together can be a magical combination for deeper down healing and long term change. Intensive therapy can help you create a new you, or find the inner you that you lost along the way. It can also be helpful in many more ways than healing, changing, overcoming problems — you have time to put it all in practice, to experience total inner peace, to start to become the person you wish to be. Starting, or continuing the process in this way, means that on your return into normal every day life you`ve already made some change happen, you feel it, you know it and then you`re clearer how to keep it going. Support after the retreat is also an important part, which can be done in many different ways.

Lots of people are so busy these days and often say to me that they’ve lost themselves in the hectic every day Life. This is an opportunity to be peaceful and connect to yourself more deeply, with the right support, education, encouragement etc., we can become the best that we can be.

Background on Sharon: Born & raised in UK and lives now in Luxembourg since 2009. She has her professional therapy practice since over 20 years and working in Luxembourg face to face and on line to others throughout the world. Her passion is to help people heal from their past difficulties and transform themselves into the best version of who they truly want to be. To face every day life in the best way for them and reach their goals and dreams for the future. She has practiced meditation for more than 25 years (having some breaks) and teaches mindfulness within her therapy practice. “I just love to see people transform and heal, it never ceases to amaze me the ability of people to heal, solve their problems, and move on from sometimes very difficult past history”. Lets go, we can do magical things when we come together and feel supported.

Background on Jessica: Born & raised in Chicago and based in Luxembourg, Jessica is an internationally certified yoga teacher, wellness connoisseur, and owner of Luxembourg-based studio & empowering retreat program, Anushia. Her true passion lies in facilitating growth in others. She teaches from the heart and draws inspiration through overcoming fears and getting out of comfort zones. It’s something she knows well after leaving home for a solo adventure around the world to pursue her own journey eight years ago. She’s known for bringing a sense of playfulness, positivity and vulnerability into her sessions, allowing everyone to feel at home. Through her sessions, you’ll experience a holistic approach where yoga is used as a guide for uncovering emotions and living deeper from the heart


  • You feel lost or distracted from yourself.
  • You feel that you are not coping with your life either in relationships, at work, generally, getting a balance, or just feel down, depressed, unhappy, or confused about what your next step might be.
  • You question yourself all of the time, can`t make decisions, have a low self-esteem, confidence, or self-respect.
  • You make the same mistakes and repeat patterns.
  • You are unable to focus on your current situation or future goals, move forward or just feel generally stuck.
  • You feel lost, or hopeless.
  • You want change and you want it NOW, but find it difficult to achieve, or you`re not sure what change you want.
  • You feel people don’t listen to you or you feel not heard, if you think people don`t notice you, care about you, or just want to be more connected, seen and vocal.
  • You want more from life
  • You want to achieve your goals and live your dreams
(I`m still in the progress of writing up this information for the retreats — I will supply dates of all the different types of retreats that will be running).

The next one is on 14th June 2020 it will run from Sunday 14th until Sunday 21st. The therapy work will take place from the Monday morning until the Friday afternoon. The first Sunday and then the Saturday is totally free for you to chose. Also you will have most evenings free and breaks throughout the day.


There will be the use of the group room throughout your stay for meditation, mindfulness practice, drawing, creative writing and other activities. There will be the use of some books, resources and aids to help the therapy process and mindfulness practice.

You will also get an assessment session to understand if this is right for you now. After the retreat there is the possibility to have some more sessions, via skype or face to face for support.


  • Couples — recover and revive your relationship
  • Burn Out- take time out to heal and change patterns
  • Finding self again-have you lost your way?
  • Developing confidence and self-Esteem
  • Becoming the best you can be and changing direction in your life
  • Special Retreat-Healing from the childhood
  • Overcoming anxiety and self-defeating patterns
  • Overcoming depression and self-defeating patterns

Making change happen right now — change the way you think, feel and behave, no more self doubt, or negative self talk. Make a move forwards to change your patterns and achieve your goals.

“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” By Many Hale

I’m currently in the process of writing this and so please don’t hesitate to email me, if you have any questions. Or if you have a particular theme, which is not covered here (it’s just a small list for now).

Please email me to let me know of your interest

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