Professional Standards & Conduct

Professional Conduct

Ethical standards are very important in promoting safe and professional counselling and therapy practices.These are important in order that clients receive a professional level of service. Professional accountability is also key in ensuring public protection and allows the profession to move forward enjoying the public confidence in the services provided. Being a member of governing bodies, this helps to inform good practice and safe guard the client. Please see the links page for links to professional organisations, to which I am a member of.


All members are bound to abide by the guidelines set out in the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in counselling and therapy. The Association relies on members of the public as well as members of the BACP bringing matters of poor and unethical practice to its attention. Only in so doing, can the Association act in order to consider any matters of complaint and ultimately to protect members of the public and the reputation of counselling and therapy.

BACP does have a formal Professional Conduct Procedure binding upon all members which is available to a person seeking or using the services of a member, or by another member who has reason to believe there has been a true breach of the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice. The association encourages complaints to attempt to remedy their differences before formally bringing the matter to its attention. In the case of organisational members, BACP encourages complaints to utilise the internal procedures of the organisation. (BACP 2009)

Professional Standards

Accreditation is part of the Professional Standards department at BACP. BACP accredit individual counsellors, therapists, supervisors, counselling services and training courses. I have all my certificates 'on show' in my office for clients to see and please ask if any clarification is needed.

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